A Birthday Gift

This picture took on your seventeenth birthday -___- sorry I don't have any newest
Happy 18!
You know, I really like number 8 and I always think this number brings me luckiness if I got it on my exam number or any stuff I did. Hey, you don't need to believe this -___- because it's just a wierd. But I don't know I just like this number.

I'd like to give you the philosophy of your age.

"1" This number means you've got a bunch of memory through a year from the turning point of your last age. And how was the story? I think it's really good if you make a flashback for one last year you've spent. Don't forget to find the nicest one or remember your greater attainment or anything which make you very happy and rightfully proud of it and be thankful to Allah who gave that amazing one for you which maybe other people hoped for but Allah gave it to you. That's really a gift. And begin to be thankful of any simple thing you've got for your next journey of live. Because simple is meaningful. And Allah never jested with it.

"8" means hope and invinity. You know, everyone has their own dreams. So what are yours? How big your dream? I said don't be afraid of a failure. Because of that you've learned. How to be bore with it, how to be brave, and how to be raise. Just face it. Catch your dream! Even its too impossible. Even its look like beyond your imagine. Because there is always hope for everyone who believe theirself, believe Who gave them this life, and believe with people besides them. Clasically "If there is a will, there is a way"

Then, 18 means "A memory, hope and infinity of your live" He He He~

So, enjoy your cake of birthday! Even its just a cupcake from (snek-asrama). Happy birthday :) Sorry for saying this by a piece of not good words. But this really comes from my deep heart (ulala~)

3rd August 2016


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