SOSMAS : A true "Peduli Berbagi Selalu di Hati"

You know guys, time really run so fast. I've just realized that this single year has come to pick another year and leave all the time past. But, I realize too that the time which I've just spent has leaved me a very special and awesome moment in my life ever.. and it seems really hard to going on at all (I'm not lie.. I'm saying this from all of my heart) ^____^ 

Being a part of SOSMAS Family for this last year make me find something that I couldn't find in another place #eaa...The atmosphere, people, jokes and one thing that we always hold it on and what we called "peduli-berbagi-selalu di hati" has filled the sheet by sheets on my book of journey in this college. Sometimes we had a happy time and fun jokes, but the worst and problems have never forget to shake us.. I think that was all our phase, that was all our process and that's make us learn how to be stronger, brave and care. In there, I've found the other side of myself which make me feel better and more confident than myself before. and that's really true..   

even if we know that, yaaa.. we are not perfect, and never ever become as perfect as we want. But while time going on us we just do and make our best. Because of that, mostly.. at the end, we have got much than we have imagined. And you now.. that's really true...

I think I need to give some words to SOSMAS 2013 who all have made our (SOSMAS 2014 & 2015) time in this family more funny, wierd, freak and noisy but full of sense at all. Especially a very big thanks to Mas Yoprijal AL-pi who was always called Mas Al (not that handsome Al-Ghazali) haha or we often call him Mas-al-ah. Sorry for being bullyable person because of us haha.. But He was a very strong person I've ever met. Even his thin body has shown all of his fragility (that's why he has nominated as manusia ter-baper on our Romantisme Perjuangan Cabinet of BEM) hahah.. but I am very sure that he has a deep heart and a very care person... However, maybe Mas Al has been being like I've said before because these cool peoples beside him.. they are Mbak Riri, Mas Fikri, Mbak Dilla, Mbak Putri, Mbak Desi, Mbak Aci, and Mas Fakhri and all of SOSMAS 2013 who was support him to guide and take us care for his year of being Kadep SOSMAS.. I tell you that they "pull" on us, not "push" on us... that's why on his year of leadership Mas Al and they have created a more warm, deep, and close atmosphere with us.. once again, that's really true...
 I don't know what exactly they are doing

 Manusia ter-BAPER haha..

 This pict is when we was took a photo shoot :))

 On Level Up part 2 BEM KMFT

 Maybe the full team FORGA (Forum Keluarga)

 T__T the nice MAKRAB #and I was not in the frame because a had to prepared the games for them 

 Bromance?? ha ha ha 3F 1H (Fathur, Fikri, Fathir, Hisyam)

Closing Cabinet of Romantisme Perjuangan

But... now they have just finished their responsibility of being  'kader SOSMAS' .. and now, all of moment that we've created for this year will become a not just good but a very great and deep memory. Right now, that esta fette of responsibility will continued by us to make a better and more awesome next year of SOSMAS. Because we have to realize that "The Last is Just Another Beginning" ... This is the time of us, to show up more, to give more, and to care more.. for the better SOSMAS "Peduli-Berbagi-Selalu di Hati".. 

And I really hope that will be true...

"Don't try to become the best, Just try to do as best as we could do"
That's the true Sosmas Peduli Berbagi Selalu di Hati

Dedicated to all member of SOSMAS BEM KMFT UGM Kece Badai Family.. You guys the best ever!  


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